Beauty From Within: The Mindful Approach to Makeup

Transform your makeup routine into a mindful self-care practice. Learn how to enhance your natural beauty from within with a mindful approach

Malika Fudge

2/2/20234 min read

There is a routine one uses to apply makeup and even when the makeup will be worn. There’s this debate about if eyebrows are done before foundation or after and it has the beauty community in a tizzy 😂. Honestly I’m open to either way because the moments for me is to become aware of my body and surroundings, breathe fully, and slow down. Many people often say they are unable to practice meditating in the traditional form of siting down, legs crossed, eyes closed, focusing on a specific object such as the breathe or mantra. All the thoughts of your environment being too loud, space not clean enough, and not having the time to sit still on the floor with your legs crossed just pops into the mind. I know, I know because that’s me too and this is your safe space. There are activities we do on a daily that provides time to ourselves. A moment of relief and non-judgmental awareness.

Meditation In a New Light

There is no one way to meditate and do not feel bad because a certain way is not optimal for you. The goal is to just find the tools that work best for providing space to relax your body and mind to feel safe. If you are a person who does their makeup in a creative way, every day wear, special occasions this blog is for you. Doing my makeup allows me to actually look at myself and appreciate my facial features. I take this time to get to know my face and challenge my makeup skills. Because my eyes are not the same size and hooded I have tweak how the eyeshadow matches underneath my eyebrow. This is also true for the shape of my eyebrows. One is a more rounded arch and the other is a more defined arch so I challenge myself to match those close as possible. I think of it as the symmetry game.

I’m able be in the moment and enjoy what I am doing instead of worrying about every little thing in life. Which is no way to live. The body needs time to relax and rejuvenate. Being a a perpetual state of worry, anxiety, and stress prevents the process from occurring because what is commonly known as the fight-or-flight system is activated. There is an art to applying makeup. This is also why I love it as a form of meditation. Creativity and healing are able to transpire. My body is now relaxed able to be in the flow of extracting the vision from my mind onto my face using makeup. I give myself room to try, compassion, and quite the judgements.

Using your beauty routine time as a form of meditation is more bang for your buck. A two for one special that has a positive impact in all areas of life. Taking care of oneself becomes easier with this practice taking the time one does have and spending it nurturing your energy is wonderful. A new approach was taken opening the door for various opportunities in other areas of life. Right here is an easy win for self care. Link to youtube video of mindfulness makeup.

Mindfulness Makeup

Mindfulness makeup is an approach that opens up true authentic expression. Sometimes words are not enough to describe the feelings, thoughts, and emotions so colors, shapes, textures, are another medium. Appealing to my senses is a way for me to be grounded and the sight, touch, hear, and smell. I am applying mindfulness to the creative process through various aspects. A great way for me to get out of my thought loops and into my body.

Intellectualizing my emotions had become a go to defense machinist amongst a host of others I was using to protect myself. I knew I had no choice but turn to a healthier self-expression because this tactic was holding me back. I no longer would feel my emotions, disregard the information, and it was a struggle for sometime to accurately identify the emotions I was experiencing due to explaining away my emotions and not dealing.

Mindful makeup is a gentle approach of bringing emotions to the surface without judgement but compassion. It provides a container to understand the relationship one has to their emotions. Emotions are what drive us forward in life give the vigor of this experience as a human. It pushes our desires and motivations. Experiencing the emotion is the roadmap to knowing the actual desires and motivations one has. There is an entire discipline just for this type of therapeutic activity called Art Therapy, which examines the emotional and psychological undertones in artwork. Art Therapy stresses that the value is not in the art it self but the relationship between one’s inner life and creative decision-making choices.


All in all if you are a person who dies your makeup regularly and looking to be more mindful during your day try it out. Your makeup look is a tool to expand your mind and share those beliefs or narratives from the unconscious mind. This approach helps with stress, anxiety, self-esteem, and emotion exploration, and processing. The body, mind, and soul will thank you for taking the time to lower those shoulders, relax that jawline, and going into a flow of ease. When you are at ease solutions come to get what you truly desire through love and compassion. 💖

selective focus photography of eyeshadow palette
selective focus photography of eyeshadow palette