Overthinking Can Hinder Your Journey

Learn how overthinking could block the journey of older sisters struggling with perfectionism in their early careers and useful techniques to overcome it and improve your therapeutic work.

Malika Fudge

10/25/20231 min read

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Overthinking is a word for excessive and repetitive thoughts that can make it difficult to concentrate and work efficiently. Overthinking can be damaging to the therapeutic process as an art therapist or facilitator.

Reasons why thinking too much can be unhealthy

Overanalyzing can have a negative effect on:

  • therapeutic trust

  • reduce creativity and spontaneity

  • promote self-doubt and anxiety

All of these elements may make it difficult to create a secure and reliable therapeutic setting.

Overthinking prevention methods

Older sisters experiencing perfectionism can add mindfulness exercises, time management strategies, self-care practices, and stress reduction activities into their daily routine to address overthinking. To get advice and help, they can also look for collaboration with peers or supervision.


In order to create a secure and fruitful therapeutic relationship with clients, it is crucial to confront and overcome overthinking in art therapy practice. Early career art therapists and facilitators can improve their profession and give their patients the best care by implementing these techniques and doing constant self-reflection.

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