Embrace Creative Self-Care Techniques for Holistic Wellness

Explore our diverse range of expressive arts services tailored for content creators. Dive into the intersection of emotions and creativity with us, where our offerings help you understand your feelings better, nurture your well-being through your content, and foster personal growth. We are deeply committed to authenticity and inner fulfillment in content creation, ensuring that every aspect of our services supports you in becoming emotionally resilient, discovering your true creative voice, and nurturing your mental and emotional health through your work.

flat lay photography of leaves with cup of coffee and three macarons on chopping board
flat lay photography of leaves with cup of coffee and three macarons on chopping board
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three silver paint brushes on white textile
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and breathe neon sign on tre

1-on-1 Expressive Arts Session

Creative Content Intensive

Expressive Arts Workshop

šŸŒŸ Are you looking for help with your feelings? Do you want advice that really understands what you're going through? We're here to be your guide as we explore your feelings together.

šŸ‘‚ Intuitive Listening Session: In this 1-hour session, we'll talk about your feelings and we will give you special advice that fits your unique experiences.

šŸŒˆ Emotional Mapping: Let's make a map for your feelings. we will help you understand your emotions better and give you advice that's just right for you.

šŸŽØ Creative Action Plan: I'm good at helping people use art to feel better. We'll make a plan with you to use creativity like painting or writing to heal and grow.

šŸ’¬ Supportive Messages: After our talk, we will send you nice messages that will help you remember to take care of your feelings.

Discover the magic of customized advice as we go on a journey to heal and understand your feelings. Let's work together to make your feelings a priority and find the path to grow that's unique to you.

There are only a few spots available. You can book your personalized advice session now to start your journey of understanding your feelings.

$282 / 60 Minutes VIP Day

āœØ Ready to dive deep into your emotions and creativity? We will guide you on creating a long lasting brand and nurturing your unique creative process.

šŸŒˆ Clarity and Direction: Gain insights and content ideas to understand your emotions better, infusing authenticity and kindness into your content creation journey.

šŸŒŸ Emotional Wisdom Mapping: Discover hidden aspects of your emotions and explore new perspectives to increase relatability to your audience.

šŸ’” Personalized Content Strategy: Craft a tailored roadmap to address your unique creative needs, fostering a content for the next month.

šŸŽØ Creative Exploration: Learn techniques to leverage art, writing, and other creative mediums, transforming emotional challenges into opportunities for growth in your content.

šŸ’Œ Heartfelt Connection: You'll see how special it is to connect with someone who really gets you. You'll get messages from our talks that will make you feel happy and inspired on your journey.

Ready to kickstart your content journey and build a successful brand with our Creative Content Intensive? Let's team up and craft a game plan that'll have you feeling unstoppable, happier, and totally in sync with your creative vision.

$350/ 1 Session

ā­ļø Want to learn more about your feelings and how to take care of yourself emotionally? We are here to help you on a journey to understand your emotions and connect with them in a special way.

šŸ’« Emotional Connection Session: In this 2-hour workshop, we talk about your feelings and understand them better. We'll be there to help you explore your emotions, and share ideas and advice that are just right for you because your feelings are unique.

šŸŒˆ Personalized Emotional Guidance: We'll share lots of smart ideas and advice that are just for you. This will help you understand your feelings better and feel better about yourself.

šŸŽØ Creative Expression: We will show you fun ways to use art and writing to express your emotions. It's like turning your feelings into beautiful pictures and stories.

ā¤ļø Heartfelt Community: You'll be part of a special group where you can talk about your feelings and get support from others who care about you.

šŸ’¬ Empathetic Support: After our time together, we will send you messages that make you feel understood and cheered on as you keep exploring your emotions.

Let's go on this adventure together and discover the amazing world of your feelings!

$387 / 2 Hour Workshop

Radiant Self Discovery

Unlock Your Creative Potential

Radiant Expression